Eva Solo Self-Watering Orchid Pot


The orchid pot has a self-watering system, which makes it easy to keep orchids beautiful and fresh without spending too much time looking after them. The orchid pot provides optimum growing conditions for the plant thanks to the nylon wicks in the bottom of the upper pot and a water reservoir in the bottom pot, enabling the orchid to draw up just the water it needs. Both parts of the orchid pot are made of glass, as many orchids absorb sunlight through their roots and not just through their leaves. The pot also ensures that the orchid roots do not come into direct contact with water, preventing them from rotting. The orchid pot is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe.
• Selfwatering system keeps soil perfectly saturated with less work
• Clear glass allows for sunlight to absorb into the roots directly
• Ensures the orchids roots do not come in direct contact with water to prevent root rot
• Dia: 6”
• Materials: Glass, Ceramic, Nylon
• Care: Dishwasher Safe
• 1x Ceramic Water Reservoir Base
• 1x Glass Top
• 1x Nylon wick
• Product Manual