Enamor Triptych Designer Collection Back Case Made in Paris for iPhone SE 2020 Edition

Miami Fab

Xtyle Odeon presents the Enamor Triptych Collection, a refine artistic selection of fashion cases for your smartphone. The Triptych collection assembles 3 different materials to bring a stunning style to your smartphone. Designed by acclaimed designer Avichai Braitbart, several themes were inspired by the vibes in America's largest cities. "I have tried to capture the primal soul and essence of each city through my personal sense of beauty. The Enamor Triptych Collection is both a tonal and sensorial depiction of each city, encapsulated in a luxury case, each one composed with the 3 major design elements defining that city. More than a fashion statement, each Triptych case is love struck by its city, and a piece of art on its own". These exclusive cases are manufactured in Paris (World capital of Fashion) by LaFab Paris, in a modern facility that has built on the heritage of traditional French craftsmanship and using the very same fabrics and materials as the world famous French luxury brands. Dare the difference ! Israeli-born Avichai Braitbart artistic influences are rooted in both the chilled, no-frill Israeli culture and its quest for minimalistic design, and the sophisticated aesthetic of the French luxury industry. Design and Technology are tightly connected in his daily work. He graduated from Hassada College of Technology and from Boulle Paris School of Design. After an in-depth exploration of the French luxury industry, he ventured his first entrepreneurial project in 2004 with the smartphone case brand i-Doll. When he later joins ascendeo Group as its Head of Design, he launches his first collection of luxury cases manufactured in Paris. Seeing a unique opportunity to deliver his vision to the world, he became one of the founders and the CEO of La Fab Paris.