Eco-Friendly Magnetic Bluetooth Stereo TWS 3 Watt Speaker


Mr Bio is a surprisingly powerful Bluetooth speaker aimed at environmentally conscious citizens of the Earth. Its enclosure is a mix of Biosphere™ and plastic that makes it biodegradable if buried underground. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0, Mr Bio Speaker is able to pair with another of its siblings to create a portative immersive stereo system everywhere you go! 2 paired Mr Bio Speakers can be up to 30 feet apart and play the same music, one playing the left music track, the other playing the right track. Smart, Mr Bio Speaker features 3 magnets to stick it to your fridge or any metal surface , even upside down! Mr Bio is part of Xoopar's Organic Collection, a set of products showing environmentally friendliness and awareness have a role to play in our responsibility as consumers all around the world: we can buy responsibly, including smart and fun electronic accessories, and save precious planet resources!

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