CleanLight Mini Portable Lightning Connector UV Sterilizer


Keep germs at bay with the CleanLight Mini, the world's most portable UV light sterilizer. The UV-C technology kills germs and bacteria in just 3 minutes. Powered by your phone, the CleanLight Mini needs no cords or chargers. Ditch the chemicals and wipes and use the CleanLight to disinfect in the office, kill germs in the car, and clean all your cups! The CleanLight Mini is a safe & convenient germ-killing machine that you can attach on your keychain or KeySmart for easy carry.
• Powered by your phone, no cords or chargers needed
• Portable and lightweight design won't add bulk or weight to your keychain
• Attaches to keyring or KeySmart for easy access when you need it.
• Includes wrist lanyard to stay safe and secure during use
• Lightning connector for use with iPhone and iPad devices