Cellreturn Neckle Ray Plus LED Device

$900.00 $1,200.00
Cellreturn Neckle Ray Plus LED Device

Imported from South Korea. Estimated Time of Arrival is Within 2 Weeks.

The CELLRETURN Body Series uses LED module technology with 459 near-infrared rays for firming treatment of deep necklines. CELLRETURN has acquired its own LED module patent for effective wavelength generation and enhancement of the wavelengths. CELLRETURN possesses LED technology that has undergone research development to generate only wavelengths that are effective for the skin as well as penetrate the skin to increase the effects.

459 LED
- CELLRETURN LED effects: RED + near-infrared rays / BLUE / PINK Delivers optimum energy with compound effects
Through long-term research, CELLRETURN has generated the wavelengths most effective for the skin and has achieved an independent LED module patent for their enhancement. CELLRETURN’s use of the patented LED delivers the effective wavelengths deep into the skin.

Flawless 360 Degree Care
- The ergonomic design and the lights of CELLRETURN’s very own effective LED wavelengths provide flawless 360 degree care on the front, sides, and back of the neck.

An Exclusive Skin Cosmetic Device for Home Use
- The Neckle RAY a cosmetic device does not show striking effects in a short time like dermatological procedures. The device is a home care product to be used consistently at home over a long time (with neck cream) to reduce neck wrinkles and improve lifting, density, elasticity, and skin texture.

"The Cellreturn LED mask, which is the number one skin treatment mask in Korea." - VOGUE