Brookstone Wooden Sand Box


Brookstone Sand Box includes 600 Grams (1.3 lbs.) of Brookstone Sand, a 9.5" (24 M) Square Wooden Craft Tray and 4 Wooden Shaped Molds. With the help of Brookstone Sand, children can engage with their senses and build on the development of their brain. By using their touch senses, learning and keeping hold of information becomes easy. By introducing tactile play, a child will have a head-start on the development of motor-skills, speech and language, social interaction and problem-solving. Ideal for those ages five and up.

• Original Brookstone Sand
• Never dries out
• Keep sand neatly contained in wooden tray
• Helps a child with developmental skills
• Mess-Free

• Color: Tray – Natural Wood / Sand - Blue
• Material: Tray – Wood / Sand – 98% Sand, 2% Polymer
• Age Grade: 5+
• Package Dimensions: 10.6”H x 14”W x 2”D
• Please note: Sometimes the sand will get stiff after sitting stationary for a period of time, this is normal. If you spend a few minutes massaging the sand, the consistency will return to normal.

• Wooden Tray Box
• 4 Wooden Shaped Molds
• 600 Grams (1.3lbs) of Blue Brookstone Sand