Brookstone Stone Bath Mat


Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom? Try the Brookstone Hyper Dry Bath Mat in one of 3 natural colors (Choose from Light Gray/Charcoal, White/Blue or White/Gray). The eco-friendly cool slate like surface is made up of fossilized phytoplankton that provide essential benefits and a safer bath mat option for your home. Made from 100% all natural diatomaceous earth without any chemical additives. This mat is a hard surface unlike fabric or material bath mats which can be soft, cushioned or plush. You'll be amazed at how effective this bathmat is at absorbing water and keeping your home elegant and clean.

The bath mat's sleek yet earthy design will minimize the risk of slips and falls. Fabric and Cotton mats can trap water, remain wet for longer and even begin to omit odors. The micro-pores of the natural eco-friendly Brookstone diatomite bath mat absorbs water more efficiently off your feet making this large mat incredibly quick drying for maximum water absorbency. In fact, the fast drying mat for bathroom will be completely dry in only 15 seconds and is capable of absorbing 3X it's volume. The all natural properties make it difficult for bacteria or mold to accumulate.

Bath Mat Measures 15.3" x 23.6" x .75"