BONECO Hybrid Dual Action Humidifier & Air Purifier In One


"What is your product,, how does it work? The HYBRID H300 provides for real well-being in your house! It takes care of providing the ideal humidity within your four walls. At the same time, the innovative, integrated filter cleans the room air and alleviates discomfort for people with allergies. This appliance measures the relative humidity in real time and automatically adjusts its evaporator output.
The appliance can be operated directly using the control knob, and the BONECO app is available for additional functions: Simply set the desired humidity at which you feel best, and the H300 takes care of the rest. Choose the mode you want in the app (Hybrid, Purifier, Humidifier) and improve your air quality. In addition, various profiles are available for selection: The SLEEP profile supports restful sleep at night, and BABY creates pleasant conditions while your child is dreaming. Thanks to the integrated aroma compartment, you can fill your home with your favorite aroma. For added convenience, most of the parts can simply be put in the dishwasher or washing machine making cleaning so easy. The understated and modern design of the H300 fits in every living room or office, and customers value its exceptional performance.
-Product Dimensions 11 × 11 × 18.3 in" /Weight 12.1 lb.
-Product Material - PLASTIC
-Power Source - Wall Plug in
-Installation/Assembly Required - NO /Instructions Included YES /Warranty 3 Years /Manual - INCLUDED"""