BONECO Clean & Cool Fan - Fan and Purifier In One - Adjustable Height to 33.5"


"What is your product,, how does it work? It cleans. Achieved by our state-of-the-art ESP filter technology. It cools. Superior air circulation into every corner of your home. It's revolutionary. Once used, forever loved. The Clean & Cool Fan combines the refreshing feeling of the BONECO air shower effect with the benefits of clean and healthy air from a purifier. A product that seamlessly fits into your home or office thanks to its classically elegant design. Adjust the strong purified air flow to either use it directly as a quick way to cool down or use the more passively refreshing air-shower effect. The strong fan performance allows the Clean & Cool fans to deliver the purified air to every corner of your home. The head of the fan can be rotated 270 degrees so it can be pointed virtually anywhere you’d like. The ESP Filter has a drastically improved lifetime compared to regular particle filters and can last up to 3 years before it needs to be replaced. The ESP Filter is washable and even dish-washer safe. By cleaning the filter in regular intervals, the filter efficiency is kept high with relatively minimal maintenance. The Clean & Cool Fan can be used with or without the filter for the same benefits as our signature Air Shower fan line. Point it at the ceiling for the signature air shower feeling and to reduce hot and cold zones, direct air between multiple floors, pull fresh air indoors, or use it with your air conditioner or furnace to achieve a uniform temperature within your space. The height is adjustable by adding or removing the connector poles - 19” or 33.5” tall.
-Product Dimensions 14.8 x 14.8 x 33.5 in /Weight 17.6 lb.
-Product Material - PLASTIC
-Power Source - Wall Plug in
-Installation/Assembly Required - NO /Instructions Included YES /Warranty 3 Years /Manual - INCLUDED"