Standing Full Body Dryer


The Viatek Body Dryer dries off all excess water in every corner of your body within seconds. It supports up to 350 lb. and comes with a remote, allowing you to blast your body with streaming air of 100mph. You'll be able to easily reduce towel-use with this environmentally friendly product.

Full Body Quick Drying: The standing full body dryer helps you dry off faster after a shower or swim. You can choose a high-concentration nano-body hair dryer to dry your bikini area, your legs, & under your arms. The high-concentration negative ions will take care of your skin & make your body dry naturally.

Temperature Control: Features high/low speeds & cool/warm temperature settings. You can choose cold wind and hot wind as per your requirement, which penetrates the skin and make the skin fresh and comfortable. This full body dryer for bathroom is a new concept that dries the whole body with warm wind or natural wind.

Easy to Use: Simply step on and use the wireless remote to blow away water & moisture with streaming air up to 100 MPH. Reduce towel use and get a fresh, clean feeling in seconds. This feet dryer supports users up to 350 lbs. It's super simple to use and it will blend in seamlessly with your bathroom as well.

Anion Remind Lamp: Negative ions are believed to produce natural reactions that increase levels of serotonin, helping to alleviate stress, & boost positive energy. This air body dryer may clear the air of dust and cigarette smoke. Removing unwanted material from the air helps enhance immune health & improves positive moods.

18.03 x 18.03 x 8.26; 7.3 lbs.
ABS/Plastic/electronic components
wall plug
No liquids
no assembly required
Includes unit and instructions