Bluetooth Speaker mini Xboy 3 inch 3 Watt LED Art Toy Design-Voice Cues


This is the cutest Bluetooth speaker on the planet! With a striking personality and a cult following on social media, XBoy mini is more than just a decorative object inspired by the Art Toy Design culture! mini XBoy is a true high quality wireless Bluetooth speaker. It packs an incredible punch with its loud sound, with 3 Watt of music power, all that while only standing 3 inch tall! You can play with his hands that move like a figurine and can hold objects . Turn it on, and it will say" Hello, I'm on!", while searching to connect by Bluetooth to your phone, it says :" Looking around!" until it says "I've got you!". when it runs low on battery, it says "I need power!" Do you know a more adorable speaker? Connect the mini Xoopar Boy to a smartphone / tablet / computer and other mobile devices via Bluetooth. This version is TWS , allows stereo pairing : Buy 2 Stereo pairing mini Xboys, pair them over Bluetooth and one of them ill play the left sound track and the other will play the right sound track. You now have a portable immersive stereo system every where you go; use them in your kitchen, you living room, your bed room, or in your patio . Mini Xoopar Boy's face is lit up by multiple ever-changing color LED's and gives it an original design. With XBoy mini, you can also remotely control your smartphone to take selfies via bluetooth! Includes a micro USB to USB cable, a wrist strap and instruction manual. 1 year warranty.