Schnauzer Dog 3D Puzzle Nano Blocks

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Schnauzer set
Everyone wants to have a dog but not everyone wants the hassle and struggle of having to look and clean after it.

Schnauzer dogs are one example of highly-acclaimed dogs. They are cute but they are also highly-energetic dogs. For the teenage boy across the street, this might seem like the perfect pet that he can take to park and play ball with, but some busy adults don’t have the time to give them exercise and maintain their glow.

With this pooch toy, you don’t have to. Using 2100 bricks, you can build your own Schnauzer dog. The 2100 bricks are meant to make the toy realistic and cute. This dog toy, once fully formed, is in a sitting position, his tongue hanging out, and looking straight at you.

This dog will make a decent gift for yourself as well as for other Schnauzer lovers.

  • Schnauzer sizes: 21cm x 12cm x 20cm
  • An adorable blocks collectible toy that you can build all by yourself using 2100 bricks
  • Comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • Suitable for children four years and above
  • The 2100 bricks make the toy look realistic with a three-dimensional texture