Bily 4000K LED Designer Nomad Ring Light


Bily is a 3.93-inch diameter nomadic LED lamp by French designer Eric Berthes. The lamp features 3 levels of light intensity and can be taken everywhere you go, using its long power cord. It fits into your pocket and powers from your smartphone, Android or iPhone, or from that USB Wall plugs you have in your house, or from a Mac or Pc, or even, from a mobile powerbank. From video conference use to interior decor design, it is the ideal companion for bedtime reading sessions with children, or in the dining or living room to cast an intimate atmosphere. It will show all its versatility when you take it outdoors on a trip, when you need a great lighting system for your makeup session, or whenever you want to take great selfies or Instagram memorabilia. It ships with an adhesive wall-mount and connectors for your iPhone or Android USB type C.

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