Backyard Hibachi Grill : Canary

Backyard Hibachi Grill : Canary

A Backyard Hibachi Grill is easily the most versatile cooking device you could bring home. Entire meals are easily prepared and clean-up is a breeze. Any meal you could grill, sauté, fry, steam, sear or flambé; you can do it all on your Backyard Hibachi!

The ultra-thick cook plate is heated directly from the adjustable LP (Liquid Propane) gas burner and can provide versatile cooking heat; ranging from high, searing temperatures, perfect for cooking up a mouthwateringly juicy steak, and can also be adjusted to low or medium heat to perfectly prepare eggs, pancakes and fried vegetables. With nearly 6 square feet of cooking space you can cook for the entire family.

The Backyard Hibachi grill features a laminated, solid wood top that wraps around the grill and comes complete with a high gloss finish that guarantees the longest life possible. The grill is a commercial grade steel top complete with a removable drip pan for easy cleaning. This hibachi grill has an easy-to-use auto spark ignition and adjustable heat settings, a stainless steel drip pan beneath the cooking surface that catches any food scraps and is dishwasher safe.

Use your grill on an outdoor patio or bring it tailgating at your favorite team event. This grill is equipped with heavy-duty caster wheels that allows for easy maneuvering while providing a solid support. Easy to clean and maintain, this Backyard Hibachi grill makes clean up a snap. Taking the weekend off from cooking? Use the hard cover top (sold separately) to hide and protect the cooking surface and your hibachi instantly becomes an outdoor island, picnic, or banquet table.

Ultra thick steel cook top is pre seasoned and cooks like a cast iron skillet
Removable dishwasher safe stainless steel drip pan for easy clean up
Auto spark adjustable LP (Liquid Propane) burner
Laminated wood top with marine grade finish
Hand made in the USA by artisan grill makers
Hand made in South Louisiana, this beautiful hibachi grill is built out of quality products for a lifetime of use!

Top: Solid wood construction with high gloss finish.
Grill: Commercial grade steel top with drippings catch.

Burner: Commercial grade high output propane burner with adjustable heat
Casters: Large casters for mobility
Skirt: Canary wood, high gloss finish
Dims Assembled: 36" x 58" x 41"
Weight: 160 lbs.