Backyard Hibachi Accessory Bundle Kit

Backyard Hibachi Accessory Bundle Kit

This Backyard Hibachi bundle kit comes with everything you might possibly want to be a Backyard Hibachi Pro! The wooden bottle carrier helps you keep your cooking oils and sauces organized, the cheese melting cover allows you to quickly steam or melt cheese on your food, the stainless-steel utensils are the perfect combo needed to cook and serve your guest, and the Official Backyard Hibachi Cookbook is filled with tips, tricks, and recipes from the owners. This bundle is the perfect complement to any Backyard Hibachi Grill.

Bundle includes:
• One perforated face spatula
• One solid face spatula
• One well-crafted heavy-duty stainless-steel grill scraper
• One heavy duty aluminum Cheese Melting Dome
• One re-usable wood 6 pack carrier
• The Official Backyard Hibachi Cookbook
• Three Clear Squeeze Bottles to hold sauces/oils
• Dims Assembled: 6" x 12.25" x 12.25"
• Weight: 5 lbs.