AstroReality Solar System to Scale


Experience the incredible beauty and the scale of our solar system with the AstroReality Solar System To-Scale Set. This ultimate collection of celestial bodies brings the elegance of space into a stunning interactive display that shows our solar system in its accurate dimensions. Touch and hold each planet from Mercury to Neptune, and gaze across space with an all new perspective.


Craftsmanship / The only one, the best one. This project took three years to design and manufacture to obtain the highest quality of details that were gathered and developed from many NASA Missions.

3D Printed in Precision / We use the highest quality - VisiJet PXL with a jet printing process to be strong, precise, and most accurately obtain true colors of each planet in a scale of 1:707,888,889.

Meet AstroReality at SETI Institute / The first Solar System to Scale model ever made is now the centerpiece of the SETI Institute visitor center in Mountain View, California.


2 Crystal Pro Bases (For Jupiter & Saturn; 3.5"L × 3.5"W× 2.5"H Each)

2 Crystal Classic Bases (For Uranus & Neptune; 1.2"L × 1.2"W × 0.6"H Each)

5 Crystal Mini Bases (For Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, & Pluto; 0.375"L× 0.375"W × 0.375"H Each)

— For Better Stability, Use Silicone Gel To Attach The Models To The Bases


VENUS 17mm
EARTH 18mm
MARS 9.6mm
SATURN 165mm
URANUS 66.6mm

NEPTUNE 64.5mm
PLUTO 4.8mm

More Specs


Diameter: 7mm / 0.28in

Weight: 0.22g / 0.008oz


Diameter: 17mm / 0.67in

Weight: 3.21g / 0.11oz


Diameter: 18mm / 0.7in

Weight: 3.92g / 0.14oz


Diameter: 9.6mm / 0.38in

Weight: 0.59g / 0.02ozb


Diameter: 198mm / 7.8in

Weight: 4,660g / 10.28lbs


Diameter: 165mm / 6.5in

Weight: 3,084g / 6.80lbs

Ring: Acrylic with hand sprayed 

color application

(External) 317.5mm / 12.5in

(Internal) 166.6mm / 6.56in


Diameter: 66.6mm / 2.62in

Weight: 208g / 0.46lb

Ring: Acrylic with hand sprayed 

color application

(External) 111.13mm / 4.38in

(Internal) 66.68mm/ 2.63in


Diameter: 64.5mm / 2.62in

Weight: 191g / 0.42lb


Diameter: 4.8mm / 0.19in

Weight: 0.07g / 0.002oz


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