Aquapod Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


This amazing go-anywhere speaker is compact, tough, and waterproof. The Aquapod really packs a punch due to Bluetooth connectivity and its hi-spec chipset. Integrated waterproof controls allow you to take calls and adjust music with an integrated rechargeable battery for 5 hours of playback.

Mount one on your bike, hang off your bag, or even use it in the shower!

Go-anywhere speaker - thanks to its compact size, tough construction, protective rubber bumper and IPX7 waterproof rating

Karabiner - This makes Aquapod perfect for clipping on to your bag, or inside a tent - but more probably hung up in the kitchen waiting for its next adventure.

Lanyard - can be worn around the wrist with the fabric lanyard and soft silicone strap, which can also be used as an extra security strap when mounted to your bike when you're being totally RAD!

Wall Mount Suction Cup - Take calls and skip tracks even when you’re in the shower, using the integrated mic, volume and skip button functions. Integrated Lithium rechargeable battery packs an impressive 5 hour playback with a rapid 2 hour charge time; that's a very long shower

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