Aplusone Smokeless Grill


Smokeless, electric grill for cooking delicious food indoors, with just the push of a button. Using Aone Grill’s proprietary technology, most of the oil and dust are filtered through the grill, leaving your home smoke and odor-free.

Grill juicy, delicious food indoors without worrying about smoke alarms and smoke in your lungs, or lingering odors -- anything from meat and poultry, to fish and vegetables.

Environmentally friendly grill plate fitted with oil steam purification system that eliminates most of the oil, smoke, and fine particles released during grilling.

Easy to use -- simply add water to the oil tray, turn on the heat (with variable temperature settings), add your food items, and press the button to magically watch the smoke disappear!

Easy to clean -- high quality teflon coating means you only need a soft sponge, soap, and water to easily clean the pan. The rest of the grill comes apart in easily removable parts, so you can easily clean any components as needed with dish soap and warm water.

**PLEASE NOTE** When reassembling the grill after cleaning, make sure the arrows on the silver tray are facing the control panel. If the tray is not assembled properly, the grill will not heat up and the fan will not work.

A family business that originated in South Korea, we’re passionate about good food, and good health. With Korean BBQ being such a huge part of our culture and now becoming popularized around the world, we wanted to bring the entire grilling experience (not just Korean BBQ) to your home in a healthier, cleaner, yet still delicious way, with our smoke and odor-free indoor grill. Grand Prize Winner at the 89th Tokyo International Gift Show (2019). Made in South Korea.

Material: Aluminum Teflon Coating / Heat Resistant Plastic / Stainless Steel // Rated Voltage: 110-120V // Power Consumption: 1200W