AmaMedic AM06 Deep Tissue Massage Gun

$89.99 $149.99

The all new Amamedic AM06 Massage Gun is making large waves with its small, lightweight frame. Designed to be practical in everyday life, Amamedic’s massage gun is light enough to be carried to the gym, work, train, and even the Airport. Experience the biggest relief in the smallest package with this incredibly advanced massage gun. 

- 4 Varied Intensities
4 Massage Heads
USB Type-C Charge
Lightweight Design

The massage gun’s design wouldn’t be complete without customizability. Completely control your experience by raising or lowering the intensity with the simple click of a button. Need gentle relief from a long day at work? Or powerful recovery after a session at the gym? Amamedic’s got you covered.

Multiple Massage Heads
Every AM06 comes equipped with four interchangeable massage heads for maximum versatility.

- Ball Head: The ball head is a great midpoint for those who want a precise massage without the power associated with it. Use this head to target broad sensitive areas.
- Forked Head: The forked head was designed specifically to target sensitive areas like the spine and joints. Use this head for dual relief around these particular locations.
- Bullet Head: The Bullet head is the younger cousin to the Ball Head, extremely targeted and precise. Use this head to get powerful, targeted relief along muscles and smaller problem areas.
- Flat Head: The flat head is the Swiss Army Knife of the massage heads: useful in any situation! Use the flat head along your body in general for broad, forgiving relief. USB Rechargeable

Stay charged, whenever and however. With USB-C rechargeability you can plug your massage gun into the wall, your computer, or even your car without missing a beat! 

Designed for real people, the Amamedic massage gun has practical uses after a stressful day at work, a productive trip to the gym, an exhausting vacation, or after you’ve finally put the kids to bed for the evening. What's Included?

When you open your new massage gun, you’ll find the gun itself, four diverse massage heads, and a charging cable. Dimension 3.5"(L) X 1.75"(W) X 5.5"(H)
Weight 0.88 LBS


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