Xoopar Boy Bluetooth Speaker


More than just a decorative object inspired by the Art Toy Design, Xoopar Stereo Boy Speaker is a true high quality Bluetooth speaker. Xboy stereo will put a wonderful show at dusk when it glows in its vibrant enclosure colour like a lava lamp. More human then ever, Xboy Stereo speaks to you with a human voice! Turn it on, and it will say" Hello, I'm on!", while searching to connect by Bluetooth to your phone, it says :" Looking around!" until it says "I've got you!". when it runs low on battery, it says "I need power!" Do you know a more adorable speaker?Choose how you want to connect the Xboy to a smartphone / tablet / computer and other mobile devices: via Bluetooth or with the cord included in the box.

Boy Stereo works like magic: When you buy 2 XBoys Stereo , you simply pair one to your smartphone and automatically, the first paired speaker will look for and pair itself to the second speaker. Each wireless speaker will then take charge of one sound channel: Left and Right! That's right! Now you can benefit from this advanced technology to immerse yourself into a more vibrant musical experience and stage your room with one speaker for left channel in one corner and set the second speaker for right channel into the opposite corner of your room (up to 30 feet away) if you choose to, giving you deep, real 360 degree stereo depth, exactly like on a HiFi system. The built-in microphone also allows you to take phone calls and share calls with friends around you. Boy Stereo features buttons to control volume, take and hang up calls, manage music (play / pause, next/previous and sound volume) and a Micro SD card reader to play your MP3 music files. . Includes a micro USB to USB cable, and a jack 3.5mm to microUSB cable.1 Year warranty

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