4 Slot Credit Card Recycled Leather RFID Protected Wallet


Iné is a sleek wallet in an exclusive recycled leather that holds all your preferred credit and transit cards, AND recharges your smartphone. This version is now manufactured with an exclusive material thanks to Xoopar's cooperation with Frbg Paris, who pionners a process to collect offcuts and waste from leather workshops, grind them down to a powder, recomposite them to a second life, saving precious water, resources for the planet and contributing to recylcing older materials. Born travelers, jet setters and business persons on the move, Iné is an absolute must-have for you all : so convenient, so thin and beautifully classy in its fully brushed aluminum body, Iné redefines ultra mobility and efficiency. With its 3,000 mAH capacity, it delivers more than an additional full charge to most modern smartphones in an incredibly thin (and gorgeous) form factor. Your credit cards are always with you, and so is your charger. Worried about your credit cards being erased or magnetized by the charger cells? Fear not, Iné is lined up internally by a thin metal foil shielding each card slot against RFID remote data thief and magnetic field from th echarger. Multi function LED charge indicator built in. Single USB Type C is used as power in & out. compact braided charging cables included: USB type C to USB type C , USB type C to lightning, and USB type C to USB . These cables are designed to be looped to your keychain , always with you , like your Iné allet, without any extra space required. instruction manual included in a recycled cardboard box made of FSC certified paper using exclusiviely vegetal inks. 1 Year warranty

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