uSwitch Motion-Sensor Lamp Switch

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by uSwitch
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Add motion-sensor control to any lamp.
Save on energy costs and make any lamp a motion-sensor lamp! Just plug your lamp into uSwitch and enjoy the convenience and savings of automatic, motion-detected operation. Save money, conserve energy and stop having to manually flip a light switch. uSwitch makes any lamp and any room or hallway motion-sensitive--without wiring, installation, or expensive new lighting fixtures. Simply plug your lamp into uSwitch, and its intelligent motion sensor will turn the lamp on when you enter the room, and off when you leave. You can even customize how quickly the lights turn off, and it has a built-in LED nightlight for safe, low-cost nighttime light. It's perfect for use in hallways, foyers, bathrooms, basements and garages--and especially high-traffic daily living areas. Buy more than one, and put them all over your house to free up your life and cut your energy costs!

Save money on energy costs.
How many times do you turn on a lamp--and then forget to turn it off? uSwitch eliminates the problem, helping you waste less energy and save on your electricity bill.

Makes any lamp motion-sensitive.
No wiring. No installation. No expensive lighting fixtures. uSwitch instantly makes any lamp, in any room, a motion-sensor lamp.

Convenient and automatic.
uSwitch turns light on when you need it and off when you don't--and you don't have to lift a finger!

Home safety.
uSwitch makes sure you always have light to navigate by without having to search for the switch. Also a great home security measure!

Customizable shutoff times.
Do you tend to leave a room, then remember something and go back in? Or do you have hallways or passages that you will walk through, and then back through again in just a few minutes' time? Don't worry--you can set uSwitch to turn the lamp off 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes after you leave the area.
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