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PCH Reusable Hot/Cold Back Pad

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from $25.99
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by PCHLife
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Reusable hot pad retains its temperature for up to one hour.
The PCH reusable pad retains its warmth or cold for up to one hour, easing muscles into more relaxed states.

Direct applications of heat can help alleviate muscular pain and provides relief from pain or stiffness caused by tense or sore muscles. The PCH reusable Back pad can be put in the fridge or freezer to be used as a cold compress for pain and swelling. The versatile back pad accommodates to your needs, by providing instant heat or cold when you need it and can be used on many parts throughout the body; it is designed to fit perfectly along your back regardless of your position.

The simple click of a “activation trigger” starts a unique, instant crystallization process that produces heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds.  These heat pads can produce therapeutic heat from 30 minutes to two hours or more, Heat times are extended by using any form of insulation.  After use, the spent heat pack can be recharged by simply placing it in hot water for a few minutes and following the simple instructions included on each pad.

The best part is that you can take it with you anywhere you go, it is perfect for travel!

Materials: PVC, sodium.

Dimensions: 15.00" L x 5.25"W x 0.50"H
Weight: 2.05 lbs.
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