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by Brookstone
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FLASH SALE $15 Off $75+ Use Code FLASH15 . . . Plus FREE Shipping w/$75 Total Purchase
The world's most touchable blanket at a great price!
Surround yourself in the soothing softness of NapSoft®. Just wrap your entire body in our snuggly, plush blanket as you rest your tired eyes--perfect for cuddling on the couch or taking a cozy nap. The moment you touch the NapSoft® material, a calming sensation sweeps over you, preparing your mind and body for a peaceful nap. 40' x 60'.

The proven way to recharge your day.
Recent clinical research has shown that a 15-20 minute nap can enhance alertness, improve focus, and give you the energy you need to maintain peak performance throughout the day. What's more, it's also been shown that napping does not have a negative impact on your ability to sleep at night.

One touch and you'll see.The minute your skin comes in contact with the Nap™ Cuddle Blanket, you begin to feel its therapeutic effects. The plush cover instantly envelops you in soothing softness and cushy comfort. The result is a warm, relaxing sensation that seems to permeate through your entire body.

Napping--the secret to success?
Many of history's greatest achievers napped. Napoleon napped on the battlefield. Leonardo da Vinci at the canvas. Brahms at the piano. Many world leaders, inventors, poets, artists, composers, as well as numerous U.S. presidents are known to have napped. So grab the Nap™ Cuddle Blanket today and put yourself in the company of greatness.
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