Maker Showcase at Brookstone featuring the best of crowdfunding and new technology from around the world

The Next Big Thing

Brookstone PLUS is built upon more than 50 years of discovering, developing and delivering innovative products to people all over the world.

This new platform is a network between Brookstone, maker communities, product incubators, global brands and manufacturing companies who have joined forces to accelerate innovation and bring new products to markets worldwide.

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50 Years of Innovation

Brookstone Makers Showcase
Brookstone Makers Showcase

Brookstone Makers Showcase

Sell in A-level malls at costs that are competitive to selling online.

Makers end to end development

End-to-End Product Development

Including industrial design, engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance.

Brookstone Makers global retailing and distribution

Global Retailing & Distribution

With 500 international locations and a network of wholesale teams.

sell in malls at competitive to online
Brookstone Plus Makers product display

Dramatic Displays
In A-Level mall stores with the world's best team of product demonstrators.

Brookstone Plus makers analytical tracking

Advanced Analytics
Including traffic, dwell time, conversion, and feedback from customer interactions.

Broostone Plus store interior

Lower Selling Costs
Flexible structures that best fit your situation and are competitive with online marketplaces.

Brookstone Makers Showcase
Brookstone Plus Maker Testimonial

“We're your one-stop shop to go from having a project idea to having product on store shelves. Our competitive sourcing and manufacturing will help you accelerate product development and lower your costs.”
Stephen Mills, Chief Innovation Officer

Industrial Design

Vertically Integrated Factory

Supply Planning and Execution

Project Management

Quality Assurance

Technology Licensing

Brookstone Makers Showcase
Brookstone Plus Makers International Locations

500 International Locations
Including North America, Asia, UK,Europe and Israel.

Brookstone Plus makers Omni Channels

Omni-Channel Launches
Combining in-store retail with eCommerce, PR, social and TV shopping.

Broostone Plus Makers International Wholesale

International Wholesale
Into retailers, hospitality, military and pop-up specialty markets.

Broostone Plus Makers International Wholesale
Brookstone Plus product Cat Headphones

Cat Ear
Headphones Axent Wear

Brookstone Plus product Bullrest Travel Pillow

Bullrest Travel Pillow
Bullrest Travel Equipment

Broostone Plus product Inceptor AR Smartphone

Inceptor AR Smartphone
Laser Tag for Father.IO

  • "The Brookstone PLUS platform provides an unparalleled go-to-market platform for our makers to enter the US market quickly to seek validation and recognition."

    Koh Foo Hau
    Director Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    "By creating such a cost-efficient retail platform, Brookstone PLUS lets product makers can pass savings onto the customer while maintaining sufficient profit for further innovation."

    Nick Vyas
    Executive Director, USC Marshall

    "It goes without saying that Brookstone's team of product engineers comprises some of the best talent in the world, so we are extremely confident they will help ensure the BullRest is better than even we had imagined."

    Sean O'Meara
    Co-Founder, BullRest

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