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Every day, people around the world go to Brookstone to see what's new, find smart solutions to real life problems and have some fun. Always marvelous-never ordinary-Brookstone products do amazing things in surprising ways.

At Brookstone, we believe there's always a better way to do something.

And we created A World of Innovation® to prove it.
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Brookstone History: Thinking ahead since 1965
In 1965, a Harvard-trained engineer and former auto company executive named Pierre de Beaumont placed a small ad in the back of Popular Mechanics Magazine. In it, he offered hobbyists and other innovation- minded people a new way to get their hands on hard-to-find tools and smart new inventions. The name of the small New England farm from which he and his wife Mary Deland ran their mail-order was Brookstone.

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They scoured suppliers in New York City
for dental clamps and dovetail saws and exercised tight pliers while watching TV at night before shipping to customers. Next came un-dullable kitchen knives, self-watering plant pots and do-it-yourself brick laying frames for homeowners.
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First Store
In 1973, we built our first store
in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Word got out that tools, gadgets and gifts from Brookstone were smart, reliable and fun to use. These were the qualities that we built into our products over the coming decades as we expanded our stores across the U.S., and developed our wellness, travel and entertainment product lines.

Makers & Brands we helped launch
People go to Brookstone to see the next big thing. Here are just a few of the innovative makers and brands we've helped bring to market.

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Brookstone Design USA
The only thing we like as much as discovering new products is inventing them ourselves. At Brookstone Design USA, we create some of the most loved and trusted brands in retail-and bring them to customers all over the world.

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Red Dot Awards Red Dot Awards
The Red Dot Award is recognized throughout the world as one of the most prestigious awards for excellence in product design. We are proud (and grateful) to have won Red Dot Awards for the products above.
Red Dot Winners Red Dot Winners

The Next 50 Years
Our vision is that when people walk into a Brookstone store anywhere in the world, they will get to experience the best innovations from all over the world. They won't just read about it or order it online-they'll get to touch it and try it for themselves.

The first 50 years of Brookstone focused primarily on bringing exciting products to the U.S market. The next phase of our evolution will be to bring makers to the world. Brookstone, a World of Innovation.

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