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Zest like a chef and garnish drinks like a mixologist with Zip Zester!

Zip Zester Citrus Peel Zester

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By perfectly removing zest - the outermost layer of a citrus fruit's peel - at a rapid pace and extracting cocktail twists/citrus garnish in seconds, Willis has offered efficiency and showmanship to Chefs and Mixologists across the globe!

Zesting is a hot trend in the kitchen, as zest provides a more concentrated citrus flavor than any other part of the fruit. Garnishes add a flare to both drinks and gourmet dishes! Let Zip Zester bring out the Mixologist in you.

Home cook enthusiasts can zest a lime, lemon, orange or grapefruit in seconds without the bitter white pith and annoyance that hand tools present. Socialites, party hosts and cocktail lovers can create beautiful ribbons of citrus peel for classy and creative food and drink decor! Features a 100 pound suction base for steady performance, and a removable stainless steel bowl to catch zest.

Includes two blades:
  • A Big Twist Blade for classic cocktail garnishes
  • A Microblade for fine zest perfect for baking and cooking
With a high school diploma and three months baking experience, Ben Willis launched Zip Zester! One year later, Willis received international acclaim for his dual function product that virtually eliminated the commercial use of hand tools for zesting.

Create hundreds of cocktail garnish designs with the award-winning Zip Zester! Ten times faster than a hand tool. Materials: Industrial Glass Filled Nylon, Food-Grade Stainless Steel.

NSF Certified and winner of the 2012 Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association.

Dimensions: 16" L x 7.5" W x 8" H; 2.69 lbs
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