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Versatile for everyday use and durable enough for the professional DJ.

Zinken Collapsible On-Ear Headphones by Urbanears

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Powerful sound. Maximum comfort.
  • Dual-sided 6.3mm/3.5mm TurnCable
  • Coiled section of the TurnCable allows for easy movement
  • ZoundPlug feature for instant music sharing with friends
  • Collapsible design with swivel earcups and adjustable headband
  • In-line remote and mic
  • Specially designed materials are easy to clean
Do more with your headphones.
The unique dual-sided TurnCable features a 6.3mm plug on one end that can be used with a mixer, and a 3.5mm plug that can be used with your mobile device for regular listening. Since Zinken headphones are equipped with both a 3.5mm and 6.3mm jack, you can easily switch from one device to the other. No adaptor needed! The added coiled center means you can move around freely without disrupting your tunes.

Listen with a friend.
The ZoundPlug is a 3.5mm audio output socket that allows another person to plug in their headphones and listen along with you. Why keep a good beat to yourself?

Get strong bass and DJ-friendly features without compromising comfort.
Zinken Headphones feature foamy ear cushions and a padded headband for all-day comfort during long jam sessions. Plus, the over-the-ear headphones have a closed construction that keep outside noise out for an optimal listening experience. Swivel ear cups adjust to your play style, too.

Control your tunes with the touch of a button.
The built-in mic and remote let you skip through tracks with ease. Simply click the button once to pause a song, twice to skip a song or three times to restart a track from the beginning. Is your phone ringing? Use the built-in mic for instant two-way communication. Make and take calls without removing your headphones.

Built to move and groove. Zinken Headphones were designed to withstand heavy use and abuse. The TurnCable is reinforced with Kevlar, and specially designed materials do not absorb odor or sweat, making them easy to clean. Plus, the entire unit collapses for easy transport. What are you waiting for? Rock out to your tunes with Zinken Headphones from Brookstone today!
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