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A modular furniture system that's quick, simple and fun to use.

Yube Cube Office Supply Station

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The Standard Yube Cube Office Supply Station includes 12 Yubes, 4 sets of feet, & 5 polyglass doors and the Mini Yube Cube Office Supply Station includes 4 Yubes, 2 sets of Feet & 2 polyglass shelves.

Four sides snap together with a slide-in back; steel frame locks and corner clips push into place to make a rigid structure. The Yube will grow on you in every way. Stack them up to build the structure you need, or tear it apart and do it again somewhere else; it's that simple. And it's fun to personalize with your own customized doors and accessories that are unique to you. The frames of the Yube are made from Woodlite, a proprietary compound of non-toxic moldable plastic mixed with Bamboo, the planet's fastest growing renewable wood resource.

Woodlite utilizes 20%-30% less non-renewable resources than similarly molded products. It even smells good unlike regular plastic, there is a pleasing light sweet aroma to remind you this is no ordinary material.
Being almost edible, the Yube outer panels you see are made from Sugarcane, only someone got there first to extract the sweet juice. Rather than burn the remaining fiber as waste, it's pulped for reuse and pressed into Yube panels. As with many natural materials, each panel displays it's own unique pattern.

Standard Station - 14"L x 43"W x 44"H
Mini Station - 14"L x 29"W x 30"H.
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