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Xanthan Gum Refill Sachets

Don't let yourself run out, grab some refills!

Xanthan gum is a natural thickener derived from glucose via fermentation often used to stabilize emulsions and thicken sauces and drinks.

In the food industry, xanthan gum is very often found in salad dressings. It prevents oil separation by stabilizing the emulsion. Because of its pseudo plasticity, the product will be thick and uniform in its container, but will still be easily poured after stirring.

Includes one box of 10 sachets / net 10g.

Dimensions: 2.70" L x 2.70" W x 2.70" H
Xanthan Gum Refill Sachets
Xanthan Gum Refill Sachets

Xanthan Gum Refill Sachets


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