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Use words, not numbers™--and never forget your combination again.

Wordlock® Luggage Locks

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Now you can use familiar words--instead of numbers--to secure your luggage.
New Wordlock® Luggage Locks from Brookstone® make it easy to remember your combination. Wordlock® uses your memory's natural preference for keywords and the alphabet, allowing you to set and change your own combination from 10,000 possible word and letter combinations. Just pick a combination that's easy to remember (and hard for an intruder to guess), and you're on your way to secure travel. Set of two lets you secure two pieces of luggage.

Security, creativity and usability come together in the original family of Wordlock® travel locks.
Travel Sentry® approved design means airport security can easily open and relock your bags if necessary--no bolt cutters needed. Plus, the 1.25" wide steel shackle and all-weather vinyl coating are strong and durable, for additional peace of mind. Bright gloss finish, black dials and easy-to-read white letters. Includes two locks.

Easy to set, never forget--that's the beauty of Wordlock. Order your luggage locks from Brookstone now!
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