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Woodstock Daisy Flower Windchime

Meet Daisy. She'll lift your spirits with her lighthearted and cheery song.

Every one of our Woodstock Flower Chimes comes with its own personality.
Daisy is one fun chime - she's a down-to-earth, country girl, but can she ever sing!

How-de-do, I'm Daisy! Y'all have probably seen me around - that's 'cuz I'm kind-a like the girl next door. I'm no supermodel, but I'm pretty enough and about as dependable as your favorite pair o' shoes. Mama says we're the "down-to-earth," common sort-a flower, but I just keep on dreamin' and reachin' for the stars. One day I'm gonna be an actress. Or maybe I'll get me a beau, and we'll travel the world. Who knows? Anyways, it's like I was sayin', he loves me, he loves me not. He loves me...

Dimensions: 21" Overall Length
Materials: White wash pine wood, 5 silver anodized aluminum tubes, synthetic daisy wind catcher.
Woodstock Daisy Flower Windchime
Woodstock Daisy Flower Windchime

Woodstock Daisy Flower Windchime


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