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The Weed Razer "Pro"s numerous cutting widths makes the job easier.

Weed Razer "Pro" Aquatic Weed Rake

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Weed Razer "Pro" Aquatic Weed Rake
Weed Razer "Pro" Aquatic Weed Rake
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The Weed Razer "Pro" the widest manual water weed cutting tool available offers 4 different cutting widths.

Quickly match most efficient cut width to the water weed type, density, etc. Industrial quality stainless steel razer blades slice Cattail, Coontail, Wild Rice, Hydrilla, etc. at the plants bottom. The slicing action is more efficient than the tearing action of serrated blades. With one end of the rope attached to the handle and the other end secured, toss the tool out into the water with an underhand motion.

Let it sink and then with repetitive short tugs on the rope, bring the tool back to you. Watch the cut weeds come to the surface or fall over! Repeat the process. Collapsing the blades to the smallest width makes for easier storage and transportation. When cutting, remember it's critical to remove the cut floating weeds from the water with the Weed Razer.

Dimensions: 85" L x 4" W x 102" H; 9 lbs.