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Waco Glider Airplane Model

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Designed by the Waco Aircraft Company of Ohio, the CG-4A glider could carry 13 troops when configured as a troop carrier, or a jeep, howitzer or other heavy equipment as a cargo glider. With a wingspan of 83 feet, it could carry 4,200 pounds of cargo.

The CG-4A featured a tubular steel frame covered with fabric coverings. Towed to the drop zone, usually by a C-47 Skytrain, the glider was released and its crew of two guided it to a landing. During the Normandy invasion, a total of 104 gliders carried troops of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions into battle. The two pre-dawn glider landings, missions "Chicago" (101st) and "Detroit" (82nd), landed anti-tank guns and support troops for each division. The missions took off while the parachute landings were in progress and followed them by two hours, landing at about 0400, two hours before dawn. Chicago was an unqualified success, with 92 percent landing within two miles of target. Detroit was disrupted by a cloudbank that had bedeviled the paratroops and only 62 percent landed within two miles. Even so, both missions provided heavy weapons that were immediately placed into service. Only eight passengers were killed in the two missions, but one of those was the assistant division commander of the 101st Airborne, Brig. Gen. Don Pratt.

The CG-4A Glider was the most widely used U.S. troop/cargo glider of WW II. Flight testing began in 1942 and eventually almost 14,000 CG-4A gliders were built by 16 companies.

Dimensions: 10"L x 16.5"W x 7"H
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