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Experience weightless sleep--with the Vivon Shoulder & Hip Comfort System™

10" Vivon "Harmony" Memory Foam Mattress

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Welcome to perfectly weightless sleep. Introducing the Vivon Harmony 10' memory foam mattress. Its all-new formula of Restech® memory foam gently conforms to the contours of your body and alleviates pressure points common to traditional spring mattresses. Yes, you can get a better night's sleep, and yes you should be waking more refreshed. Upgrade your sleep by switching to a Vivon memory foam mattress today.

Vivon Restech® Memory Foam
Restech memory foam delivers the perfect balance of softness and support. It matches your every shape, supports you from every angle and even responds to every move you make--helping to keep you comfortable throughout the night and reduce motion transfer to your partner. Restech is made with natural seed oils, green tea and active charcoal to help neutralize odors.Vivon Shoulder & Hip Comfort System™
All parts of your body are not equal--at least in terms of weight, anyway. Your shoulders and hips tend to press more heavily on your mattress than your other parts. When your shoulders and hips press down on your bed, two bad things happen: 1) you feel painful pressure points in your heavier areas, and 2) you may not be sleeping in proper, healthy alignment.

10' Vivon Harmony composition
• 3' Restech memory foam
• 3' Shoulder and Hip Comfort Layer
• 4' High Density support base
• FREE Shipping

Revolutionary air compression technology.
Your Vivon memory foam mattress is packed using a revolutionary compression technology that makes it easier for you to bring your bed to the room in which you'd like to first set it up. The bed will arrive compressed in a square box and, once opened, will expand to its full size once you set it up in the room.

Upgrade your sleep by switching to the 10' Vivon Harmony memory foam mattress today.

NOTE: This is a personal care item, and is not returnable.
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