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Unique technology provides the purest air to breathe.

Virus Zero Air Sterilizer - Desk/Wall Mount

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Product Number: 734853p
Eliminate over 99% of viruses, molds, bacteria, allergens and even MRSA.The unique environment-friendly technology of Samsung SPi Virus Zero surpasses that of previous air purifiers. While purifiers simply filter the inducted air, Virus Zero emits active hydrogen and oxygen ions into the air inhibiting infection by airborne contaminants for a much cleaner, healthier environment. Also, Virus Zero neutralizes the OH-radicals that can cause aging and skin diseases. Virus Zero desk/wall unit includes a wall mount kit and a remote control (battery included).

Harmless and zero maintenance.
There’s no ozone, no positive ions and no filter to change. Only consumes 8 watts. Size: 16.5"L x 3.2"W x 9.6"H, covering up to 633 sq. ft.
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