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Vacuum Cubes—3-Pack Combo Set

Creates storage space while protecting blankets and clothing from dust, dirt and humidity.

When it comes to protective storage that saves space, vacuum packs are clearly a sure bet. This set of 3 Vacuum Cubes is ideal for packing out-of-season blankets and clothing for storage, or a suitcase for a much-needed getaway. Dual-use versatility gives you the option of rolling the bag to expel the air when a vacuum isn't available, which makes them perfect for use while traveling or at home. In three sizes: Large (10" w x 37" d x 35" h), X-Large (15" w x 39" d x 35" h) and Jumbo (17" w x 43" d x 35" h).

Smart storage solutions that organize and simplify your life.
Storage products from Brookstone® are designed to be space-saving, customizable, multi-functional and easily transportable. Wherever you want to store and protect clothing, shoes and accessories, we have just what you need to optimize the space you have. Getting organized has never been faster... or easier!

Order this set of Vacuum Cubes from Brookstone today to protect soft items in a minimum of space.
Vacuum Cubes 3 Pack Combo Set
Vacuum Cubes 3 Pack Combo Set
Vacuum Cubes 3 Pack Combo Set

Vacuum Cubes—3-Pack Combo Set


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