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Enjoy all the Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage with This Nine-Piece, Money-Saving Package.

Ultimate Thai Massage Tool Package

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Ultimate Thai Massage Tool Package
Ultimate Thai Massage Tool Package
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Product Number: 881801
Here it is, all of our Thai Massage Tools in one huge, money-saving package.

Enjoy all nine of our handsome, high-quality Thai tools for a fraction of the price. Each tool is made from beautiful rosewood (the Easy-Reach tool is rosewood and metal). The Ultimate Thai Massage Tool Package includes: 1 Thai Massage Stick, Facial Roller, Four-Point Massage Tool, Easy-Reach Self Massage Tool, Hand Reflexology and Foot Stick Combination, Spider Massage Tool, Healing Thumb Massage Tool, Star Hand Massage Tool, Back Scratcher.

Product Details:
  • Thai Massage Stick/Thai Foot Massage helps one balance the body, improve circulation, relieve pain, and reduce anxiety. Our Thai Massage Stick is used as part of Traditional Thai Foot Massage. The stick is used to apply pressure to various reflex points on the foot in order to promote balance and healing in the body. It has a thick end and a thin end which provide different sensations of pressures when applied to the foot. The sides of the stick are ridged, allowing for the practitioner to administer a variety of pressure techniques. Dimensions: 6 inches long.
  • Our Facial Roller has two rollers that are perfectly sized to massage the delicate muscles of your face. Use it to gently massage your temples or forehead to relieve tension and headache pain, and then try it on your tired, stressed neck muscles. Soon you will be feeling completely relaxed and free from stiffness and stress-related aches. The Facial Roller can also be used for reflexology, an ancient healing art that involves stimulating pressure points on the feet and hands. Length: 6", Width: 1.75".
  • Our Four-Point Massage Tool is very versatile. It has four different points that can be used on muscles all over the body. Use the smaller points on delicate muscles on the hands and feet and use the larger points on bigger muscles on the shoulders and back. Using the Four-Point Tool increases circulation to the body and reduces muscular fatigue. Length 4.5", Width 4".
  • The Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool is ergonomically designed to give you leverage and reach any muscle group. When using the tool, you break up tension in knotted trigger points, relieving pain and stress and increasing circulation to the muscles you massage. To use the Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool, simply grasp it at its end and guide the hooked part to your sore muscles. Start with slight pressure and let the therapeutic point work out stress and tension on your back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, or feet. Length 14.2", Width 8.7"
  • Hand Reflexology and Foot Stick Combination, this item combines two tools into one! To use the nubby hand reflexology end of the Combination Tool you can do any of the following: roll the tool back and forth between your two palms, roll it up and down against a hard surface with one of your palms, or simply grip and release it a series of times. Let the nubs penetrate important reflexology points on your palm to promote healing throughout the body. The smooth end of the Combination Tool is used for Traditional Thai Foot Massage. Use the sides of the stick to stroke the soles, arches and heels of the feet. Use the top of the stick to massage the tips of the toes and the area in between the toes. Length: 6.5"
  • Don’t be fooled by The Spider Massage Tool’s small size! This little guy has a lot of massage power. Grab hold of the Spider’s body and let its four legs massage tension out of just about any muscle group. The Spider is great for use along the paraspinal muscles, shoulders or lower back.
  • The Healing Thumb Massage Tool can be for deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and muscle stripping. Simply grip the tool, place your thumb on its flat part, and apply pressure to sore and stressed parts of the body for a fantastic deep-tissue massage. Reverse your grip on the Healing Thumb Tool and you can use it to perform muscle stripping.
  • Our Star Hand Massage Tool is simple to use: just grip and release it while you turn it around in your hand. The various smooth edges will gently press upon important reflexology points in your hand promoting healing throughout your body. The grip-and-release motion also strengthens the hands and alleviates muscle tension in the fingers and palms. The sides of the star can also be used for soft-tissue massage. Length:1.6", Width:1.6", Height:2.3"
  • What better way to get rid of that annoying itch than with our Thai Back Scratcher? The beautiful, durable Thai rosewood scratcher is the perfect length to reach any spot on your body. Length: 15".
Materials: steel & rosewood.
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