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A high quality, English-style game that will last a lifetime!

Uber Games Wooden Skittles Set

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Product Number: 879249p
Create your own bowling alley in your backyard, with this Skittles set.

English Skittles or Lawn Bowling can be played individually or in teams! The skittle, or pins, are setup in a diamond shape spaced apart a few inches. Players throw or roll the balls from about 15 feet away, trying to knock down as many as possible. If the player knocks down all the pins on the first or second ball, then he or she is reset.

Each player gets to toss or roll 3 balls. The maximum score per round is 27 points, and consists of 3 perfect throws in a row! The winner is the player or team with the highest score after a pre-determined number of rounds.

  • 10 Hardwood Skittles, each measuring 9.1" in height with a diameter of 2" at base and 3.1"in belly; the lead skittle has a red top.
  • 3 hardwood balls measuring 3.1" in diameter.
  • Canvas transport / storage bag.
Materials: Wood, Nylon.

Assembled Dimensions: 13.5" L x 10" W x 9.5" H (Packaged).
Weight: 13.2 lbs.
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