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Super Soft® Aquatic Barbells

Tone your upper body with underwater resistance.

Our Super Soft® Barbells build a high-impact body with low-impact ease. Slow, controlled water resistance makes these close-cell foam barbells a great alternative to iron-pumping--while taking a load off your joints! Each pair of 15" bells delivers optimal buoyancy and adjustable resistance for toning and shaping.< br>
Build your upper body with curls, presses and more.
• Two barbells, each 15" long with 5 ½" grip
• Flexible, easy to grasp and permanently buoyant
• Extra rings for customized resistance and buoyancy
• Tough vinyl-coated foam is bacteria-resistant and will not retain or absorb water

Add extra muscle to your pool workouts, by ordering Super Soft Aquatic Barbells from Brookstone today.
Super Soft  Aquatic Barbells
Super Soft  Aquatic Barbells

Super Soft® Aquatic Barbells


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