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Use with Stamina AeroPilates reformer models that have 4 or 5 cords for easy mounting and dismounting and to perform more advanced exercises.

Stamina AeroPilates Stand (4- and 5-cord reformers)

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Product Number: 747191p
When you elevate your AeroPilates reformer, you are able to perform the more advanced movements. The elevation will also make it easier for you to move from exercise to exercise.

The AeroPilates Stand is made specifically for the AeroPilates four-corded reformers so your reformer will fit the stand solidly and your AeroPilates workouts will be stable. The AeroPilates Stand's six easy-to-remove pull pins allow you to assemble and disassemble your stand with ease.

Elevates reformer about 10 inches to allow for more advanced exercises
Heavy-duty steel frame
Easy to assemble
Easy to store
Pull pins for easy assembly and disassembly
Pull pins are attached to the stand with cords so they can't be misplaced