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Spa Comforts Comfort Me Pillow

DreamTime offers an entire line of products that can relieve your pain while you relax and heal.

Heat therapy has been proven for thousands of years to enhance blood circulation, flush away toxins and stimulate healing.

Comfort starts with U. At home or away, resting comfortably is essential for being at your best. Relax and unwind while this crescent-shaped pillow keeps your neck and spine in optimal alignment.

Designed in the shape of a collar because the neck and shoulders are areas of maximum stress and tension. Freely moving buckwheat hulls within the soft pillow contour to your head and neck, providing a firm support that allows your muscles to relax.

The gentle scent of lavender flowers provides the restorative benefits of aromatherapy, helping to relieve mental and physical fatigue.

Materials: 100% polyester cover with grain fill.

Dimensions: 12.5"L x 10"W x 4"H
Weight: 1.33 lbs.
Spa Comforts Comfort Me Pillow
Spa Comforts Comfort Me Pillow

Spa Comforts Comfort Me Pillow


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