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Connects to your router and lets you place your Sonos S5 Wireless Music system anywhere in the house.

ZoneBridge 100 for the Sonos Wireless Music System

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The Sonos ZoneBridge 100 makes setting up an all-wireless Sonos system wonderfully fast... and easy. Instead of connecting a Sonos ZonePlayer S5 Music System to your router directly, simply connect the ZoneBridge to your router and the rest of your ZonePlayers will work wirelessly throughout your home.

By installing ZoneBridge to your router, you can place your Sonos ZonePlayer S5 anywhere in your house--without wires.
With the Sonos Wireless Music System, one device has to be connected to your router. This creates the Sonos Wireless Mesh Network, which ensures that the music never stops. Then the all your ZonePlayers and controllers can operate wirelessly. Here's an example:

Let's say you wish to purchase two Sonos ZonePlayer S5 units (fantastic sound, unlimited music), one for the kitchen and another for the bedroom, and neither of these rooms is near your router. In this case, use the ZoneBridge as the device that connects directly to your router. The S5 units in the kitchen, bedroom and all future units would work wirelessly from this point on, giving you a full home wireless music system.

ZoneBridge is the fast, easy and very affordable way to wirelessly connect your first ZonePlayer S5 to your router from anywhere in your home. Order yours from Brookstone today!
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