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SonicAid, 2-CD Set

Relax and enjoy more restful sleep with doctor-designed music therapy.

Create an ideal wellness environment with these soothing compositions scientifically-designed by Dr. Lee R. Bartel to promote an alpha brainwave state for relaxation and a delta brainwave state for restful sleep.

Disc 1 - Music to Promote Sleep
1. Journey to Dreamland
2. Drifting Into Delta
3. Floating Free
4. Tranquil Realms
5. Waves of Renewal
6. Rebirth

Disc 2 - Music to Improve Relaxation
1. The Embrace
2. Easing Into Alpha
3. Magnificent Bliss
4. Another Time and Place
5. Cascading Comfort
6. A Breath of Fresh Air
SonicAid  2 CD Set
SonicAid  2 CD Set

SonicAid, 2-CD Set


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