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Don't waste electricity! Reduce phantom power loss automatically.

Smart Strip® Automatic Power Controller

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The problem: Phantom power loss. The solution? Smart Strip®! Your game consoles, DVD players, printers, and other peripheral devices drain expensive electricity from your home 24/7--even when you've turned them off! Smart Strip® senses when a control device (such as a TV or computer) is turned off via its remote or power switch, and automatically cuts power to unused devices. You save electricity--and money! Perfect for home theater, home office--every room of the house. Includes 900-joule surge protection and $75,000 connected equipment warranty protection.

Pays for itself!
Smart Strip® can save enough energy to pay for itself in as little as one year--and then continues to save you money. A typical home entertainment center or office can save around $40 per year*!

Three sets of outlets to help you save money and electricity.
• The "Controller" outlet: Plug in devices that have to be on for you to use other electronic devices. Think of your TV driving your whole home theater system, or your PC with all of its peripherals.
• Two always-on outlets: For devices that always need to be on, regardless of what other devices are being used--such as your DVR, router or fax machine.
• Four money-saving outlets: For peripheral devices used only with other electronics. Think of your game system, DVD player, printer or scanner. When your control device is off, Smart Strip® automatically cuts off power to these outlets.

Start saving money and energy now with Smart Strip. Order from Brookstone today! Click Here to see what your savings could be!

*Individual results will depend on actual equipment and local electricity use.
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