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Single T-Connect Outdoor Pen Enclosure.

Adds a connector tunnel and additional doorway to your Kittywalk® outdoor pet enclosure.

Create your own combinations of interesting passageways for your pet with the versatile Kittywalk® T-Connect addition to your existing Kittywalk® System and be limited only by your imagination! The T-Connect attaches to your Kittywalk® to add a new entrance option to the enclosure. Use T-Connect to connect two enclosures, or combine multiple T-Connects and enclosures to form whatever shape and size you can dream up to please your indoor cat, providing extra enjoyment for your feline friend's time outdoors.

  • Designed to be used with original Kittywalk® outdoor enclosures (not Carnival) on any flat surface
  • With three optional entryways, the T-Connect can open up the world for your cats when easily connected to the Kittywalk® Lawn, Deck & Patio, Penthouse, Curves, and Town & Country components of the Kittywalk® System of outdoor pet enclosures
  • Made from rugged rip-stop netting with steel wickets
  • Heavy-duty weather-resistant canvas
  • Includes one door
  • NOTE: T-Connect cannot be used alone
Dimensions: 24" x 18" x 24"
Single T Connect Outdoor Pen Enclosure
Single T Connect Outdoor Pen Enclosure

Single T-Connect Outdoor Pen Enclosure.


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