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Precision watch winder with high-tech coating keeps your watch running and ready to wear.

Single Automatic Watch Winder - Rotobox by Underwood

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Your precision automatic watches are a significant investment. Shouldn't you protect that investment with an automatic watch winder that is equally precise? Underwood watch winders feature world-class motors, precision winding and the finest Italian leathers and hand-crafted cases available.

Rotobox® Modular Winding System
At the heart of every good watch winder is a technologically superior motor. Which is why this top-quality automatic watch winder features a motor from the Swiss company Maxon Motor AG, one of the world's leading providers of this type of motor technology. Maxon also supplies 39 of the 43 motors used to power the NASA "Spirit" and "Opportunity" Mars rovers.

High-quality Maxon A-max DC motors featuring high-performance permanent magnets power all Underwood winders. At the heart of every Maxon motor is the worldwide patented, ironless rotor "the System Maxon®." This unique concept gives our automatic watch winder a low-noise, highly efficient motor with low power consumption.

Our Automatic Watch Winder Features a Precise 4-hour Winding Cycle
The most important feature of any watch winder is just that--the winding function. Underwood winders are programmed at optimal 4-hour repeating winding intervals: 30 minutes of clockwise rotation, followed by 30 minutes of counterclockwise rotation and then 3 hours of rest. The result is a 24-hour cycle, making Underwood watch winders ideal for all automatic watches, whether heirloom or modern. With this superior automatic watch winder, your precision watches are ready to wear at a moment's notice.

Each Underwood winder operates on AC adapter (included) or battery power. LED lights indicate when your automatic watch winder is operational (even during rest cycles) or when your batteries need replacing.

The Finest Automatic Watch Winder Available
Underwood watch winders are housed in the finest materials available. These automatic watch winders are finished with a durable, high-tech, abrasion resistant coating. Each case is accented with solid brass fittings decorated with the "Clou de Paris" found on all Underwood products.
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