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S-92 Demonstrator Helicopter Model

One of your favorite miniature helicopters!

Increased global demand for energy means more offshore helicopter transport requiring an enhanced standard of safety and productivity. The S-92 helicopter provides safety, reliability and value. The aircraft is certified to the latest and most stringent safety requirements of the FAA and EASA. It has the latest health and usage monitoring system and is engineered for all weather and all terrain safety. A flight management system is standard equipment. The S-92 helicopter provides the highest level of comfort and ride quality for pilots and passengers and has lower direct maintenance cost than competitors in its size class. Sikorsky backs up the S-92 helicopter with knowledgeable and efficient field service and data-driven fleet management solutions.

Dimensions: 15"L x 7"W x 4.4"H
S 92 Demonstrator Helicopter Model
S 92 Demonstrator Helicopter Model

S-92 Demonstrator Helicopter Model


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