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Helps you wake more peacefully, refreshed and re-energized.

Rise & Shine® Natural Wake-Up Light

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Rise & Shine is a radio, sound machine and lamp that will wake you gently.
Sleep mode feature slowly decreases lamp's intensity to aid in falling asleep peacefully and gradually. Then, the Rise & Shine Wake-Up Light allows your sleep cycle to finish and helps wake you more refreshed and alert with a "natural" sunrise. Synchronized sleep and wake programs help the body with cues to fall asleep, sleep more soundly and wake more refreshed and revitalized.

Rise & Shine® Wakeup Clock uses patented technology to simulate the rising sun and wake you gently, as nature intended.
"Sunlight" gradually grows brighter, and is accompanied by your choice of four nature sounds or FM radio, to help you ease into your morning. You'll awake refreshed with reduced grogginess. Dual alarm and snooze. Fits neatly on any bedside table.

Wake up the kinder, gentler way. Order your Rise & Shine Wakeup Clock from Brookstone® today.
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