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RingStix brings generations together, is easy to learn, is fun and creative and gets you moving!

RingStix Pro Game

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RingStix is a simple and innovative variation of the most common game in everyone’s childhood, catch.

It uses two Stix shaped like inverted swords to propel a ring at ones partner, who catches the ring and throws it back using his Stix. The game is easy to learn and can be played from 50 yards away. RingStix is played with the slightly curved 25in sticks and a 5in ring.

With a stick in each hand - crossed, and the ring over both sticks, players simply flare out their arms to propel the ring spinning forward toward the other player. That player then uses the point of one or both of the sticks to catch the flying ring and sends it back again in the same manner.

The faster and harder a player flares the sticks the farther the ring will fly, sometimes up to 50 yards or more.

This unique sport offers an entertaining new form of exercise improves agility and hand-eye coordination, gets kids and adults off the couch and away from sedentary technologies like computers, TV and video games. RingStix can be used in yards, parks, at the beach and more.

The patent-pending RingStix product line is made of light yet durable material that meets all CPSC standards. Both the Stix and the Rings float, and one ring even glows in the dark adding a fun twist for night time play. Hours of fun awaits you with this awesome game!

Each game contains a full set for two players: (4) Stix with red Over-molded grips for extra comfort, (1) Red Ring, (1) Glow-in-the-Dark Ring, and (1) Carry Bag.

Materials: Plastic.

Dimensions: 2"L x 17"W x 27"H
Weight: 3 lbs
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